High Quality products

Drug manufacturing for overseas markets is a highly competitive field and only the very best can survive. At Caritas, we have a long track record of manufacturing pharmaceutical dosage forms for worldwide pharmaceutical markets. We are proud to be able to provide high quality products that can improve the health and quality of life of many people across the globe at reasonable prices. The major drug manufacturing for overseas markets undertaken by us is for South American, Asian and East European countries.

Sterile Products

Our Manufacturing facilities are fully equipped to manufacture sterile products including Liquids, Dry powders for Injection and Lyophilized Injections.


We manufacture Film-Coated Tablets, Sugar-Coated Tablets, Enteric-Coated Tablets, Dispersible Tablets as well as Sustained Release Tablets.

Dry Powder for Suspensions

We manufacture Dry powder for Suspension and supply them in finest quality sachets, as well as bottles.

Effervescent Granules

We are equipped to provide effervescent granules and supply them in sachets.

Encapsulated Granules

We manufacture hard gelatin and soft gelatin capsules. We fill dry powder, granules, pallets, mini tablets in capsule through our fully automated filling machine.

Direct Compression Granules

This contains the powder mixture of an API and suitable excipients which are ready to be compressed into tablets by of direct compression method.


Our other Specialties include manufacturing of LIQUID ORALS, SOFT GELS, LOZENGES and CREAMS.