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Today, Caritas represents one of world’s largest and fastest growing pharmaceutical companies with products ranging from Primary Care to Specialty Care. Being part of Caritas, we are feeling proud in our scientifically backed products and the efforts that we make every day to improve people’s lives. While we have a keen eye on our commercial products, Caritas is working on multiple Corporate Social Responsibility projects to ensure access to medicines in the remotest parts of our country.

“Caritas family has been growing since inception.”

Our success is based on a combination of the team’s passion for healthcare and a sales force which sports best in class skills and capabilities.

We believe in meaningful and impactful doctor engagement to promote our products. Using a combination of our own manufacturing facilities, we stand behind the premium quality of products that we bring to the World market.

Last but not the least, what makes Caritas unique is our people. Our people represent some of the best minds within the Pharmaceutical industry. We have a unique culture which is based on meritocracy and fairness. We believe in non-hierarchy and that everyone’s voice should be heard regardless of rank and position. This culture combined with our team and world class products is what makes us one of World’s leading pharmaceutical companies.

We are passionate and enthusiastic about our goal and highly optimistic about our future in view of the exciting opportunities of expansion and growth at different stages of development.

We promise to continue providing quality standards to the society to enable them to lead healthier, happier and more active lives.

"We invite you to browse the website and find out more about our organization."

Our Product Range:

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