Global Presence


Today, at the age of globalization, it is a world without boundaries. With the aim to cope with the challenges of globalization the company started its export operation in 2011. Today, Caritas is exporting its world class pharmaceutical finished products to 27 countries of 5 continents.

Presently, Caritas is exporting a wide range of pharmacy products of different therapeutic classes. Caritas has a large portfolio of 200 generics in 400 dosage forms of different therapeutic classes such as Cardiology, Anti-infective, Oncology, hormones, Anti-inflammatory, general category and many more.

The mission of Caritas is always guided by its philosophy -“Quality- the unit we count”. Hence its efforts to improve.

quality never ends up. It continuously sets higher standards and feels passionate to achieve all that. Moreover, each & every person of the company is working relentlessly to uphold its quality image. And this is the key reason of Caritas